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Meet our team!

Coaches: Activities

Coach Bill

Bill has been coaching for
over 10 years with experience through 3 different gyms. With  proficiency of levels 1-5 and working through mental blocks, he's got what you need to reach your goals!


Coach Justin

Justin has been a tumbler most of his life and has been coaching these last 7 years. With an added background in fitness, there's nothing he can't do! His uplifting attitude never fails to motivate and make you believe you can do anything!





Coach Moe

Two-time cheer worlds championship competitor, Moe has expertise when it comes to higher level skills. In addition to 10 years of coaching, Moe also has run numerous cheer clinics and speed camps.

* Coed Stunting


Coach Tony

Tony has been a tumbler, coed stunt partner, and coach for many years. He is a national champion in the world of cheerleading. He has experience coaching all skill levels and excels when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

* Coed Stunting


Coach Alexa

With a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science as well as a coaching certification in Strength & Conditioning, Coach Alexa is dedicated to helping each individual through their fitness journey. She also recently completed 6 mo. of Military training and is determined to push you to your limits! 

* Cheer specific personal training


Coach Josh

Josh is a 7-time cheer world championship competitor as well as 3-time Team USA Mens National team member. With 14 years of coaching experience, it's safe to say Josh knows what he's doing!

* Coed Stunting

Coach John

USA Junior National Coed Team 2021-22’
Pan American Champ 2022
PHS Coed Cheer 2020-23’
IHSA Men’s Gymnastics State Champ
Level 10 Gymnast

All throughout his life, Coach John has always been disciplined in gymnastics and will snap his skills flawlessly; And he will get you where you need to be with a great, big, smile on his face!

Coach Judge

Judge has cheered for a total of 9 years. He has competed twice at high-school nationals and cheered with the world's best at Iowa Western for 2 years before graduating and transferring to UCF. There, he competed for 3 years and won twice. He has been a coach for 6 years and now works with Camp Jeff.

Coach Rebecca

As a mom of 2, a coach, and a former cheer athlete, Coach Rebecca has seen all aspects of the cheer world. She will help you strive for greatness and be proud to witness your progress every step of the way!

* Co-ed Stunting

Coach Rover

PHS Varsity Coed Cheer 22-23’
IHSA Men’s Gymnastics State Champions
Team USA JUCO 23’
As his personal motto, “It takes a couple losses to become a winner”, Coach Rover understands the ebb and flow of confidence, but will help you overcome and let your true strength shine.

* Co-ed Stunting

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 2.40.59 PM.png

Coach Raya

Raya is a North Central College Cheer Alum-- placing 3rd at NCA College Nationals 2022. She has been a flyer throughout her cheer career for All-Girl and Coed.

Additionally, she received a BA in Dance and taught/choreographed at various Chicagoland studios before coming to Venture!

Currently coaches our tumbling classes and dance/acro!

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