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Class Details/Pricing

Class Details/Pricing: Image

Regular/Open: $25/class (up to 8 athletes per class)

'Small'/ Dance/Acro: $32/class (limit of 5 athletes per class)

Flyer Stunting:
$40/class (limit of 5 athletes per class)

Group/Team: $20/class (1-hour class tailored to a specific group/club/HS, must have >10 athletes

Monthly Tuition: Tuition for the month is charged the 1st of every month. This payment covers the next 4 or 5 weeks of class depending on the month.

Private Lessons: Varies by coach, please contact coach directly to set up lessons.
Registration Fee: Annual registration fees, $30 per athlete or $60 per family. This must be paid prior to athletes attending regular class sessions, group, or private lessons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Makeup Policy: Missed classes will generate 'Makeup Tokens' which can be redeemed through the customer portal. Athletes are permitted 8 makeup tokens each year. It is up to each individual to schedule their makeup class.


Class Details/Pricing: Text

Level 1: Beginner

This class is designed for athletes starting at the beginning. Level 1: Beginner will introduce and break down walkovers, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. Once the fundamentals are achieved, the athlete will progress to Level 1: Advanced. 

Level 1: Advanced

Building off the foundation taught in Level 1: Beginner, Level 1: Advanced focuses on the drills and exercises needed to obtain a standing and running back handspring. In order for the athlete to move onto Level 2, they must exhibit the following skills: standing back handspring (no spot), running round-off hollow body rebound (no-spot).

Level 2: Back Handspring

  The objective of this class is to advance the athlete to achieve skills such as a series of standing and running back handsprings and to teach the basics of a back tuck. For the athlete to move to level 3, it is needed that they can demonstrate the following skills: standing 2 back handsprings connected, round-off multiple back handsprings.

Level 3: Tucks

  The objective of this class is to advance the athlete to achieve skills such as multiple back handsprings to a back tuck. Athletes will also focus on techniques to learn or improve a standing tuck. For the athlete to advance to level 4, it is important that they can execute round-off back handspring back tuck, standing tuck.

Level 4: Layouts

This class is for more advanced tumblers. The main focus of this class is a round off back handspring layout. We will also begin to teach the mechanics of twisting with the goal being a full twisting layout also called running full. For the athlete to move to level 5, they must at least demonstrate the following skills: Good layout position with straight body, and good head position.

Level 5: Fulls

This class is for our top-notch tumblers aggressively working full twisting layout, running combinations, standing back handsprings to layouts. Athletes should be able to execute a standing tuck, but not uncommon to still be working or perfecting this skill.

Level 6: World Class

Our most advanced level, athletes are working double fulls, standing fulls, standing BHS to full and double, arabians and bounding.  Level 6 focuses on all specialty skills.


Jumps & Stretch

This class is designed to improve jumps and overall flexibility. Athletes will work on perfecting all areas of cheerleading jumps in terms of form, techniques, height, and confidence.

Flyer Stunting

Class intended for flyers only. The objective of this class is to learn the fundamentals of stunting for cheerleading. When enrolled in this class, athletes will develop new and polish skills for future endeavors that come with the sport. Flyers will fly on trained staff: two bases and a backstop.


Body positions and flexibility are essential to showing off a routine. In this class, athletes will enhance flexibility to stunt with confidence in the air as well as develop extended jumps.

Strength and Conditioning

Designed to get athletes in shape and general gym goers the results they want! Highly encouraged for strengthening tumbling form and for backspots/bases to build strength for stunting.


This class is for any and all dancers to work on sharp movements, choreographic visuals, and fluidity. Dancers will learn fundamentals of Pom positions, acrobatic technique, and performance skills with athletic precision.


Cheer Alums

Cheer alums is a class designed for retired cheerleaders looking to get back into the gym! Whether you're looking to conquer a long lost tumbling pass, wanting a full body workout, or just miss the cheer gym atmosphere, this is the class for you! Age 18+

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